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Motion Picture Media

Award winning storytelling through film and video

Motion Picture Media, founded by Noel McIntyre, is an award winning film and video production company based in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Ireland. We use film, photography and commercial video to tell stories effectively and emotively, bringing Brands to life and enabling them to attract, connect
with and engage their target audiences through customer communications and media.

Our commercial work consists of architectural and interior photography, commercial videography and corporate event coverage, across all sectors. Noel works closely with his wife Katie who also runs Sports Venue Business, an online platform specifically catering to the business of stadia, arena and
sporting events worldwide. Thus far, Noel and Katie have covered events and conducted interviews with high profile individuals and personalities in some of the worlds best known sporting venues, from Aviva Stadium in Dublin to Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam to the Groupma Arena in Hungary.

View our picture gallery and video gallery for examples of our recent projects.

We have been proud to partner with the following global brands:

Our latest film release ‘I Created You’, has been screened (thus far!) in Film Festivals in 11 countries across 5 continents, and is the winner of 6 Film awards, including ‘Best New Filmmaker’ and ‘Best Sound Design’ in Hollywood, CA.

Let us tell YOUR story! Contact us to enquire about your next brand building project: media@motionpicture.ie

About Noel McIntyre

Noel McIntyre is the award-winning filmmaker behind Motion Picture Media, and founder of the Mullingar International Film Festival. He is also a life long entrepreneur. During his years of launching, building and divesting commercial ventures, he experienced towering success and crushing failure. He learned how to sell, how to communicate, and how to effectively target the right market with the right message, at the right time. He also learned a lot about business and how to survive and thrive in the business world. That lived experience and the strong commercial acumen it gave him, underpins the media content he produces for his clients nowadays.

In making the decision to pivot his career and his life in order to follow his dreams as a Filmmaker, Noel was strongly influenced by his late uncle, Tom McIntyre, the poet and playwright. Speaking in interview recently at a function organised to celebrate his life’s work, my uncle was once asked what advice he would give to young people wanting to get into writing, poetry, theatre or the arts. He said – Learn to trust your dreams. Learn the language of your dreams.

It was short, sweet, and simple – but those words profoundly inspired me at the time, and have never left me since. “I decided to trust my dream and I am living it now. Filmmakers are dreamers and storytellers, and the language of our dreams is Film.”

Whether Noel is producing and directing a brand documentary, or shooting commercial photography or videography project, he is always led by the power of the story. He believes that every subject or brand has a story to tell, and that stories can and should be told creatively in order to connect with and engage the audience.

Contact Noel McIntyre on media@motionpicturemedia.ie

Noel McIntyre