It's as important to click with people as it is to click the shutter...

Noel McIntyre

Commercial Photography


A picture speaks a thousand words and a thousand languages…

We specialise in commercial photography & brand documentary storytelling for commercial clients. Still photography is a powerful component of a compelling brand narrative. We help you to find the perfect picture to tell your story – at a price that works for your budget.

Whether you are a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker, or something else entirely, the right image will help you to deliver the right visual narrative to the right person. If you are working on a website, an online store, a social media campaign, a brochure, or some other piece of marketing material, you will need an image that supports your brand story. Everyone has a story… let our images tell yours.

Harness the power of bespoke professional COMMERCIAL photography for your campaign with:

Research on consumer behaviour confirms that…

  • Optimizing an article with visual elements gives it an average of 37% more engagement. (Source: Hubspot)
  • Adding a photograph can improve consumer retention of your message by 65%. (Source: MDG)
  • 50% of online shoppers report that “large, high-quality product images are more important than product information, descriptions, or even reviews.” (Source: Meero)
  • Nearly two-thirds of consumers self-identify as visual learners. (Source: MDG)
  • Consumers are significantly more likely to favour ads that highlight photography over ads that rely on text. (Source: MDG)
  • A recent study concluded that a larger product photo size on category pages increased online sales by 9.46%. (Source: VWO)
  • 60% of consumers report that they are more likely to reach out to a business, or consider doing so, if that business has an image that shows up in online search results. (Source: MDG)

Here’s the point: If you are not yet using custom photography to support your messaging and tell your brand story, you are operating at a competitive disadvantage.


Pro Tip: Overused stock photos will not ensure that you stand out from the crowd and deliver a compelling, unique visual brand statement. To do that, you need custom commercial photography.

Bespoke commercial photography encompasses a wide variety of disciplines:

Lifestyle photography or what we like to call Brand documentary photography employs a straightforward and realistic representation of people in their workplace or environment.

Product photography gives consumers a look at what they are buying or considering buying, showing your offering in the most appealing and accessible way. In online retail settings, the consistency and quality of product photography has a huge impact on consumer perceptions and, by extension, on sales.

Pro Tip: Customers evaluate photographs of your product before they read any of the supporting text about that product. They may skip the text altogether.

Food photography is a specialised subset of product photography that creates attractive, appealing still-life photographs of food.

Landscape photography captures viewer attention with images that communicate the presence of nature, and it may also describe man-made structures. Commercial landscape photography specialises in the creation of compelling images of specific sites relevant to the client’s brand or offering, such as a photograph of a rushing river located near an exclusive resort location.

Architecture photography is photography that delivers compelling images of the interiors or exteriors of buildings and other man-structures, such as bridges.

Website photography more and more nowadays business and commerce is conducted online. Your website today is not only your business card but your shop front or showroom to the world. While a lot is changing in the world of online business, the very basic principles of presenting you or your product to a client has not, you have only a few seconds to create that crucial first impression and professional website photography will help you stand out in the ever growing and crowded online marketplace.

Brand photography uses some or all of the above disciplines to create consistent, strategically designed, professionally executed suites of images that support your narrative, your brand message, and your unique brand identity.

Fine art photography
Our fine art photography offered for sale is the personal work of Noel McIntyre and his own personal vision of the landscape or increasingly on mans impact on the landscape. There are no rules in fine art photography as beauty is in the eye of the beholder and each work is a personal visual statement of the artist. We supply fine art prints to the home owner but increasingly to the corporate fit out market, and sell worldwide.

Pro Tip: Brand photography is not the same as stock photography. Random images that show up in your content and also show up elsewhere undermine your brand message. Don’t try to build your brand message around stock photographs!

We specialise in cost-effective bespoke commercial photography that tells stories that support our clients’ brands. We look forward to talking to you about your project and helping you to tell your story. Email us to start the discussion.