Ice Man of Bakal

ICE MAN of Baikal is currently in post production and we are really excited about bringing amazing short film to the film festival circuit soon. The epic landscape caught on camera during our trip is just crying out for the “big screen”. We’ll keep you posted.

Above, in -40 everything freezes instantaneously so from your breath to your eye lashes are frozen, the locals call this look “Baikal makeup”

In March, Noel spent 11 days in the frozen wastelands of eastern Siberia filming his new documentary, Ice Man of Baikal. It follows the work of internationally renowned landscape photographer, Daragh Muldowney and his obsession with Lake Bikal and Ice in general.

Ice Man of Baikal

Main mode of transport old Soviet “UAZ” 4 wheel drive.

Daragh Muldowney with what the locals call ”Baikal makeup”.

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Temperatures were as low as -40 but the crew at all times had the safety of their trusty UAZ which really was home for 10 days. Opposite, Noel filming from inside the UAZ and below, crossing the “Big Sea”.

Lake Baikal is a mysterious place. The largest volume of fresh water on the planet. Up to 2KM deep and 700KM long. During the winter locals use simple branches or pine trees to mark out safe passage across the Ice, which is constantly moving.

Daily life on the Ice is basic but never boring, below crossing the “big sea” in our trusty UAZ, they really are an incredible vehicle. Very very basic pre-war soviet design but very very tough and I can tell you we were very glad to have it. An outdoor jacuzzi (giant cauldron on a fire) awaited us on arrival at a camp one evening and eating out, Baikal style bottom right.

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